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"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.  The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government"

Thomas Jefferson

    Before a licensed firearms retailer can sell a firearm, the purchaser must complete, under penalty of perjury, the Firearms Transaction Record.  Once the form is completed, and before any firearm is transferred, the purchaser must pass a mandatory background check through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), run by the FBI. Once the purchaser passes the background check establishing that he/she is not a prohibited person, the firearm may be transferred.


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M & J Firearms Transfer Policy  PDF

FFL Transfer Policy  ATF.gov Firearms

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1.  When purchasing, find out if the seller is an FFL Holder or individualFFL holder?  >>> Skip to #3

2.  Individual seller - Inform them that you need to have the firearm transferred to your Gun Shop, M & J Firearms, from an FFL Holder.  The individual seller will need to take the firearm to a dealer to have it properly documented and shipped.  Most likely, there will be a small fee incurred.  

  • Using an FFL to ship a firearm protects you, the buyer
  • Without this step, you could be receiving something that is not what is really represented, or even stolen illegal property
  • If your seller refuses to use an FFL, it is in your best interest to not purchase - walk away
  • M & J Firearms will NOT ACCEPT transfers from individuals.  All transfers must be via an FFL

3.  Purchasing through an FFL Holder

  • Send M & J Firearms an EMAIL  stating  WHAT firearm  is to be expected to be delivered to M & J Firearms
  • State  WHEN to expect the arriving of said firearm - Approximate date
  • State from WHOM  the firearm will be arriving from (FFL Dealer's Info:  Name, Address, Phone, Email)  THIS IS REQUIRED IN ORDER TO CONTACT THEM TO VALIDATE BOTH  FFL LICENSES
  • Include your  Legal Name & Email
  • You may complete this INFO in our  >> Contact Form <<
  • Email  requests@mandjfirearms.com >> Your Name, Email, What Firearm, From What FFL Dealer, When to Expect <<

4.  Once we receive your firearm, we will inspect for shipping damage, check it into our system, and contact you, the purchaser.   WE WILL CONTACT YOU WHEN THE FIREARM IS READY FOR YOU TO PICK UP.  This can take up to 24 hours.

5.  Once you have been contacted:

  • You must physically come into our store
  • Prove Indiana residency
  • Present a VALID IN Driver's License  >>> Not expired, holds current address <<<
    • ​If address is not current, bring State/Federal ID, current vehicle registration, IN LTCH, or Fishing/Hunting License
  • Complete FBI Federal Background Form
  • Pass Background Check
  • Pay Transfer Fee ($40)
  • ​Once completed, the firearm is transferred to you


The Purchaser represents and warranties that they are legally entitled to receive and possess a firearm under Indiana and Federal Law.

If this is not the case, M & J Firearms is NOT responsible for any fees or costs related to any firearm transferred to M & J Firearms from any FFL Holder or Individual.  A fee of 25% of the retail value of the item transferred, or $100, whichever is greater, will be charged to the purchase at that time to cover all labor and fees associated with paperwork, shipping, restocking, etc.

Any transferred firearm that is not picked up within 180 days of receipt will be considered "Abandoned Property." The abandoned property will be forfeited to M & J Firearms unless the delay is caused by a denial appeal to the background check process.

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